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Intervention Webcomics/Indie Creator/Internet Culture Con - Registration price goes up on Sept 1!

Sept. 10-12, 2010 in Rockville, MD! There are only a few days left to pre register and book your room for Intervention 2010!

Imagine your favorite anime con...but for but for webcomics and indie creator fandom! If you are having too much fun, you can opt to try out one of our educational workshops, like our WordPress workshops led by Frumph, one of the main developers of ComicPress.

- Molly Crabapple will be running Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School!

- DJ Subvert from Contempt NYC and Labrynth is coming to MD to run a NYC style goth/industrial/geek dance party on both Friday and Saturday nights!

- Super Art Fight will be bringing the kaiju-style art insanity!

- Comics and indie creator-oriented programming and games!

- 2 Board game rooms with a full lending library and 2 LARPS.

- A ton of burlesque performers!

Also: Our guest list is too large to put here! Click here to see the full guest list! :D

Dominic Deegan
Sluggy Freelance
Kevin and Kell
Ben Bova - Launching his new webcomic!
Super Art Fight
Dueling Analogs
Finders Keepers
Hello With Cheese
Stupid and Insane Defenders Against Chaos
The System
Brad Guigar
Reality Amuck
Sticky Comics
Rob Granito
Darkstar Studios
PC Weenies
Knit Princess
Blue and Blond
Guilded Age
The FuMP
Hawk Studios

We are sponsored by LH Productions, Foam Brain Games, 4 Imprint, with giveaways by Think Geek, Toy Vault, Popcap Games, and Mana Energy Potions.

Register now! :D
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