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It's not that we can't stop, it's that we won't

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the Online Comic Addict's best friend
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"Hello. My name is Amy, and I'm an online comic addict."
Let's face it. They're out there. Funny, Captivating, Moving, Genious, and just plain habit forming.
And Howard Taylor of Schlock Mercenary fame has helped me by turning my rambling into a mission statement!

1) It's a community for online comics in general, rather than for one in particular. If you don't have time to join the dozen or so largest webcomics forums (and who does?), stop in here and chat instead.

2) It's a plugging ground for comic creators, and for those who trade in their crap. Got a signed Sluggy original you want to unload? Mention your auction here. Did you find a new comic that really speaks to the human condition (at least in your case)? Tell the rest of us.

3) It's a flash-crowd. At every convention there are likely to be at least SOME of us. It's one more excuse to meet people In Real Life, and we all know we webcomic addicts could use more of THAT.

Thankyou SO MUCH Mister Taylor!

The Community has also gotten praise:

"This awesome (not to mention massive) community for us Comicers... if that is, indeed, a word... is a great place to get word out to other artists and such. Hell, it worked for us!" ~Charlie of 8 O'Clock Classes
"thanks for having this "onlinecomic" community on your Friends list, that's where we get most of our hits." ~ Mark of 8 O'Clock Classes
"I have participated in numerous online forums for several different subjects over the years and I must say that this is BY FAR the most supportive place I've ever found on the web.Thank you." ~Scott Meyer of Basic Instructions

Looking for something good to read? See the Master Link Listing Here!

(Rules updated on March 18, 2007)
1) This community is for Online Comics. Comics are allowed. Online comics preferred. I place all those one boxed editorial cartoons and stuff in this catergory, they are allowed. if there is any confusion over what is and isnt allowed, contact me with material in question and either I'll rule or I'll let all of you decide.

2) Please lj-cut images. The only images that will be tolerated without lj cut are small to medium, meaning it wont screw up anyones margines. I don't want to scroll sideways or down and have a page full of image. This means images should prob. be kept within 700w x 500h. Offenders will be reminded, then warned, then recieve nasty emails and comments in private journals, and finally i will edit the post myself. if it continues the posts will simply be deleted. I will not, however, ban someone simply for this.
2a) Dont just ljcut to a picture with "click here". Give some indication in text before or in the link as to what we will be clicking on. There are many topics in the world that are controversial, and not everyone likes everything. A little warning would be nice before we suddenly have a statement jammed in our face in a way that might make us want to vomit up your nose. Dead baby jokes aren't funny to people with dead babies. Do not stop making dead baby jokes. Censorship is bad. Warn a mommy of a dead baby before the link. Instigating suicide is bad.
2b) Do Not Hotlink Images without permission. That means, if you want to post a picture or comic you found, you must save it, upload it somewhere yourself, and host it that way. Unless the original host gives you their permission, don't do it. It eats bandwith and costs money and makes people hate you.

3) You must also LJ-cut long word posts. It never happened before, so I didn't think about it. I encourage long discussions! Just please be kind enough to understand not everyone wants to read essays on the treatment of fruit in comics. Or whatever. Give a short intro so we know what's behind the cut, and all will be well. Thanks!

4) please retain some sort of respect the community when you interact. i will not ban cussing, but don't use terms directly at each other. things can be "fucking funny" but someone can not be a "fucking asshole" in this community. Personality clashes may happen, but they can happen with class. We are all different here, and have different opinions on everything. Understand that. Feel free to take the fued into your own journals or communities. I don't have time to play mommy.

5) Posting an occasional comic is okay. Posting your personal comic every day is not. You can make your own community for just that, and then link to it here. If you haven't updated in a while, it's okay to let us know youve done something. Alerts to new plots are fine. But like i said, this is not the place to store everything you make.
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