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Webcomics - What's Cooking

Hey everyone,

Look THere's a lot that has happened since I last posted on LJ. I'll catch up with that later. But the big thing right now is that I'm part of a charity project that can really use your help. Why? Because the people it's going to help could use your help. It's called "Webcomics: What's Cooking?" and it's a charity cookbook with all the proceeds going towards Canadian and American food banks.

Every single penny. Both Lincoln and Maple Leaf.

Look, I'm going to take copy right from the site. I hope that you're able to help out. MOney's tight for everyone right now, but no one deserves to be hungry. Thanks. And spread the word, okay?

About this project

"Webcomics: What's Cooking?" is a collection of custom comics done by 50+ popular webcomic artists. Each comic is food related and joined by a supporting recipe. The concept is to print a collection of recipes for nearly any meal type: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, drinks or cocktails and then highlight each fun food item with a webcomic.

The final product will be a 96 page Cookbook printed in comic book style. The books will be ten inches (10”) tall and seven inches (7”) wide in full color throughout. The books come stapled so they lay flat for easy reading. The cover will printed on glossy card stock which will hold up for years of use.

Every artist involved comes from varied artistic backgrounds of webcomics you know and love; Such as featured artists like: David Reddick of “Legend of Bill”, Brian Anderson of “Dog Eat Doug”, Lora Innes of “The Dreamer”, Irma Eriksson of “Imy the Comic”, Emy Bitner of “Trying Human”, Krishna Sadasivam of “PC Weenies” and many, many more.

The Kickstarter funds will help us cover 50 percent of the first printing of 2000 copies. With your help, we’ll bring fun and food together in classic comic style! Come on board and help us make this fun project a reality!

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