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Webcomic Pages...

Just remembered this place and figured I finally had something to post ^_^

I've been hunting down and going gaga ver the deviantart galleries of some of the more amazing webcomic artists (Kagerou, Phoneix Requiem, Gunnerkrigg Court etc...) for ages, and finally wrote up this page on webcomic artists on deviantart - basically, it introduces each webcomic and shows a samples from each artist's DA gallery.

So yes - if you
a) need something new to read
b) want to look at some nice art/find that artist you've always wondered about
c) feel like reviewing/sharing your opinions...

Please come visit!

*disclaimer: while it's 90% finished, I have suffered the inevitable writer's block for some of them, and there's a whole bunch at the bottom that I've been malingering over.

Also, yes, feel free to link me to your DA gallery/comic and I'll add it to my list of 'Will make/update page one day honest, really!'
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