Maria Evans (mayamaia) wrote in onlinecomic,
Maria Evans

Reading enthusiasts!

In honor of Nikola Tesla's birthday, the Alternia Comics site is launching today!

Stories in five worlds update as follows:

Mondays: After the Collapse - Post Apocalyptic, near-future
Tuesdays: Crossworld - Steampunk? Historical fantasy? Modern magic? You name it!
Wednesdays: Ex Machina - Corporate cyberpunk future
Thursdays: Mystic Frontiers - Classic fantasy
Fridays: World of Heroes - Superheroes, present day.

Each world will alternate updates between long term serial stories and one shot short stories. World-building articles and artwork will be posted on weekends and at random.

The purpose of Alternia is to entertain and inspire. We welcome you to submit your own stories and ideas for inclusion on the site - in the absence of canon, make it up!

Visit the Interactive Introduction to explore all five worlds - or even suggest your own.
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