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Man! It's been forever since I've posted here! Plenty of new comics have gone up since then, but specifically over the last few weeks, including some for the new strip "Peas."

Today is official "relaunch day". So I thought it would be an appropriate day to make a post here, and maybe try and garner some interest in my strips. I've been working on revamping the site and there is now a "Peas" section, as well as an overall site redesign to make it a little sleeker and simpler, and I did new drawings for all the different pages (like "contact", "about", etc) and the Cyrius section has been redesigned as well!

Here's todays comic:

The RSS feeds are up and working again too.

All the comics now go through the main page: http://www.scritchscratch.com

And of course each of the comics still has it's own individual pages....

CYRIUS THE CYCLOCTOPUS: http://www.scritchscratch.com/cyrius
PEAS: http://www.scritchscratch.com/peas
SCRATCH COMICS: http://www.scritchscratch.com/scratch
JOEY THE ROBOT: http://www.scritchscratch.com/joey

Thanks for your time!

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